There are some differences The Wanted 2022 Tour shirt . but for the most part it’s sticking close enough to Venom Lethal Protector. Spider Man didn’t even show up until the end to help Venom fight the other symbiotes. Roberto, you should read Secret Wars and learn how the symbiote is initially introduced and who it attaches itself to first. Eric Alexander Magaña lol I already know the origin. I’m older than you and I’ve been reading comics longer than you. I said there are differences. Did you miss that or just decide to ignore it so I can school you again. Name one Marvel movie that is accurate. Don’t even entertain these ppl bro. You are absolutely right. The men tees of venom and the way he looks is because he was attached to peter Spider Man first. Venom hated peter for getting rid of him. And that how venom came to be.To answer your question this is the newer version of the venom origin. Just because spider man isnt in the movie dont mean he doesn’t exist.

The Wanted 2022 Tour shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

The Wanted 2022 Tour shirt
The Wanted 2022 Tour shirt
Van King King Royal Skull Metal Sk8 Shirt
Van King King Royal Skull Metal SK8 shirt
Ukraine Russia War Came And Took It Shirt
Ukraine Russia War Came And Took It shirt
Weird Moms Build Character T-Shirt
Weird Moms Build Character t-shirt
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VLGAR shirt
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