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For everyone else as always TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt . THANK YOU so much for your support – we’ve got A LOT more competitions coming your way!! We LOVE you all! We’ll keep the hoodie discounted a little longer for you before putting it back to regular price!! Stay tuned for our next competition – what would you like?!

TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt Hoodie
TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt Sweatshirt
TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt Unisex
I’m so happy with my Unicorn hoodie that I won, I’m over the moon thank you so much!!! It’s so warm and the quality is absolutely brilliant and super cosy, will deffo be buying off you in future for sure!!! Thank u lots and I absolutely love my unicorn hoodie , You can make your own family of people who love and support you, because that’s what families should do TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt . Which is your dominant energy? Mermaid merman, fairy or unicorn energy? Find out by taking a look at the 9 images in the grid below. How about you? Which energy is most dominant within you? If you were drawn to image 1 or 8. Your role is to raise the vibration of the world with your laughter, story telling and vibrant energy.If whataburger is so anti Christ so anti Trump so anti American that they can’t say Thanksgiving I will not go there neither will i take my children or grandchildren there again. They can close their doors.Except for Whataburger employees who don’t get to stay home with their families because they have to go to work and not even get paid any kind of holiday pay. Time to Union up Whataburger staff.We will be eating at a whataburger next Friday while we are in Mississippi cause we have none here in Tennessee or Kentucky.I had an elementary school friend whose family didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with traditional food. They ate McDonald’s cheeseburgers and watch TV all day. So cool!!
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3 reviews for TEAM TACO 2021 Shirt

  1. dora Cantu

    These fit the way I like them to. Exactly what I was looking for. 👍😁

    1 inch wide collar. Roughly 7 inch sleeves. Not slim fit or slim cut. The collars are close to my neck, the way they look when police or military personnel wear them. The sleeves come down to my elbows. This is how I like for my tshirts to be.

    The cotton is a light, but sturdy material. The collars hold their shape well even if I sweat some or they get wet. I haven’t seen any shrinking. By the way, with tshirts, washing in cold or warm water and then drying on low heat is the best way to ensure one’s tshirts and cotton items don’t shrink. 👍


    Money well spent
    Heavy cotton material. Very sturdy. Husband is well pleased and feels they are very durable. He says that’s what a man’s tee should be. This a repeat purchase due to his satisfaction with the shirts.

  3. Kelly Diggins

    Well made shirt. Wash on Cold.
    Good color and comfortable fit. Before wash was more of a regular. After wash between regular and slim fit. Washed in warm and dried on medium. Recommend wash cold and hang dry if you want it to stay the same size.

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