Poppa Saurus Rex T-Shirt

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Poppa Saurus Rex T-Shirt

That was kinda pointless. They literally have a throwaway line in World about how they’d decided to go with scaly dinosaurs because they did better with test audiences so Poppa Saurus Rex T-Shirt what was the problem with creating a new species; all this “Jurassic World doesn’t care about science” stuff is canon. You don’t need to break it down like this.

Poppa Saurus Rex T-Shirt,Hoodie, Sweater, V-neck, Longsleeve, Youth Tee, Bella Flowy, and Unisex, T-shirt

Poppa Saurus Rex hoodie
Poppa Saurus Rex hoodie
Poppa Saurus Rex ladies tee
Poppa Saurus Rex ladies tee
Poppa Saurus Rex longsleeve tee
Poppa Saurus Rex longsleeve tee

Poppa Saurus Rex sweatshirt
Poppa Saurus Rex sweatshirt

I do absolutely agree that heels were an impractical shoe choice for Claire in the first place (yeah she works admin but it’s the tropics and she’s running all over the park, so at least have flats in your car lol).But I also saw a video that Poppa Saurus Rex T-Shirt that Rexie wasn’t actually running after her, moreso lumbering. Rexie’s also been in that pen for the better part of 10 years at least and likely hasn’t had much room to exercise so was also probably not able to even reach top speed, so it’s very likely for someone to outrun it, at least for that short distance even in heels

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