There’s a clip of Father shirt So there’s this girl who kinda stole my heart Shirt . an old home video of her mother smiling in an ornate printed red sari with a gilded lining and matching gold jewelry. It then cuts quickly to present-day Raveena wearing a contemporary version of that outfit. From those first frames, “Mama” functions as a bridge that connects her mother’s past to Raveena’s present. “Obviously it’s a song about my mom and my relationship with her, but I kind of wanted to look more deeply into the unique relationship we have as a first-generation immigrant,” Raveena says. “My own family comes from a lot of trauma—genocide in India—and they then came to Queens, so it was kind of telling her story.

Father shirt So there’s this girl who kinda stole my heart Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Father shirt So there's this girl who kinda stole my heart Shirt
Father shirt So there’s this girl who kinda stole my heart Shirt
I Am Not Clumsy Shirt
I Am not Clumsy shirt
Family Shirt - Dear Dad Forget Father'S Day We'Ve Loved You Since We Were In Your Balls Shirt
Family Shirt – Dear dad forget father’s day we’ve loved you since we were in your balls Shirt
Happy Father'S Day, Thanks For Picking Up My Poop And Stuff From Your Personal Stalkers Shirt
Happy father’s day, thanks for picking up my poop and stuff from your personal stalkers shirt
Don'T Judge Truckers Until You Driven A Year In Their Truck Shirt
Don’t Judge Truckers until you driven a year in their truck shirt
Dogs Shirt - Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright Shirt
Dogs Shirt – Every little thing is gonna be alright Shirt
Dogs Shirt - Dear Dog Dad, We Woof You To The Moon And Back From Your Personal Stalkers Shirt
Dogs Shirt – Dear dog dad, we woof you to the moon and back from your personal stalkers Shirt
Dogs Shirt - The Moment Your Heart Stopped Mine Changed Forever Shirt
Dogs Shirt – The moment your heart stopped mine changed forever Shirt
Dogs Shirt - 99% Sure My Soulmate Is A Dog Shirt
Dogs Shirt – 99% sure my soulmate is a dog Shirt
Dogs Shirt - A Guy And His Buddy A Bond That Can'T Be Broken Shirt
Dogs Shirt – A guy and his buddy a bond that can’t be broken Shirt
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